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"I Desperately Wanted Training"

One Mother's Transformation From Feeling Inadequate to Confidently Homeschooling
By Erica F.

Going through the Sophia Homeschool Masterclass has been one of the most encouraging and tangibly helpful things I have done as a new-to-homeschooling mother.

When my son was around 3 and I started delving more seriously into the perceptibly boundless world of homeschooling, I started asking other homeschooling moms for advice on where to begin. Usually I was left with more questions than answers. The most frustrating response I would receive—which happened to be the response I received most often— was, “If you have any questions, let me know!” Talk about overwhelming. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know!

My brain had difficulty in parceling out even the most basic of questions, so usually I would just ask for their personal experience with their own children and hope that their approaches would be similar to something I might like to employ. Additionally, the bits and pieces of information or advice I would receive were often in direct opposition, depending on the personality of the individual I was querying.

I had a desire to homeschool and do it well, but what did that look like? I desperately wanted training.

Not until I went through Judie’s class did I gain a deep vision and develop a robust preparedness that would serve our homeschool and family life so beautifully. She has discovered an art of educating home educators with a genuine care of helping us succeed.

With her extensive personal and professional experience, she comprehensively and successfully trains homeschool educators across all walks of the homeschool journey. Undoubtedly, her timeless Masterclass materials will also serve us well in the years to come, and I am deeply indebted to her homeschool wisdom and sweet maternal spirit for shaping me into a more confident and capable educator.


Sophia Homeschool.

Sophia Homeschool teaches parents how to homeschool. Learn more about our training at

Learn how to create a homeschool method and environment based on your family's needs so you can thrive. My Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass teaches parents to work with their budget, schedule, learning style, teaching style, and resources so each member of the family has his or her needs met— including yours! Learn to create a peaceful and joyful learning environment that lasts a lifetime. Identify learning differences and adapt your educational plan accordingly. Unlock the mysteries of teaching multiple grades at once. By knowing what your needs are, you will save thousands of dollars, time, and energy on methods that do not work. We will end homework battles and restore your relationship with your child.

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