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Become the Hero of your Child's Education

- WITHOUT losing your own life.

"Depletion" shouldn't be normal for mothers. We can’t accept the norm that giving life to children means being robbed of our own life. Motherhood is not meant to be an exchange of life. We ought to be giving life and gaining more life in the process, that is the intention of motherhood."

-- January Donovan

YOU are your child’s education. It's NOT what you teach but WHO you are.

Become whole for them.

Sophia Homeschool teamed up with Woman School founder January Donovan because we believe that the primary educator needs to be whole in order to be effective. 

The Woman School is an online school dedicated to equipping women with practical skills to design a life of meaning and contribution; a life that is whole.

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Take this FREE 5-Minute quiz to gain clarity on which part of your arena is incomplete. Clarity on 'what is not working' is the first step toward designing a 'whole' new you.

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How Does it Work?


Take the quiz


Schedule a FREE 20-minute strategy session 


I'll set you up with a strategist who will coach you into a life of wholeness 


Become your child's hero.

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My commitment to you:

You will never be alone. If you ever get stuck, you can simply set up an appointment with me and I will personally work with you until you reach success.

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