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The Complete Guide to Homeschooling Children with Learning Disabilities 

In this series, you will learn to recognize the red flags associated with learning disabilities. Learn where to go for help and funding. Get practical tips about what can be done at home to help your child thrive. View your child from a holistic perspective -- body, mind, and soul -- to serve the whole child. 


Do you wonder if there is a deeper underlying problem like dyslexia, ADHD, or sensory processing disorders, but you don’t know where to go for help?

Many parents take a wait-and-see approach while experts insist that early intervention is key to helping children with learning disabilities thrive.


Children who struggle with learning disabilities suffer from unnecessary stress and frustration resulting in tantrums, homework battles, and failing grades. These can often be greatly reduced if not eliminated with the right therapy. Sometimes that therapy is as simple as proper nutrition.

Sophia Homeschool brings together a team of experts to help you learn to recognize the red flags associated with learning disabilities and how to treat them. Learn where to go for help and funding and get practical tips about what can be done at home to help your child thrive.

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Margaret Walsh Headshot.jpeg

Margaret Walsh

Educational Therapist

This presentation will be on special education, the big picture and a holistic approach. It completes what homeschool families are already doing at home with their individualized instruction. The presentation is meant to bring understanding and hope to the daily struggles families encounter.

Ann Walsh Headshot.jpeg

Ann Walsh

Nutritional Therapy Consultant

Much can be fixed by nutrition. Nutrition is always a piece of EVERY discipline within special education. Every parent struggling with special needs can and should address nutrition in the home along with any specific therapy. 

Elizabeth Grahm Headshot.jpeg

Elisabeth Graham

Speech-Language Pathologist

Elisabeth will be defining the scope of practice of a speech-language pathologist as it relates directly to learning challenges.  She will also be discussing how learning and language are related and what to look for along the educational journey of ‘home-schooling’. In addition, she will review important ‘tricks of the trade’ to assist with optimal learning and successful outcomes for those children who have difficulty with instruction and academics.  


Panel Discussion with Experts

SPED Experts

Get professional answers to your questions about when homeschooling is and is not advised for a child with learning disabilities, and what funding options may be available. 

Tod Davis Headshot.jpg

Dr. Tod Davis

Developmental Optometrist

In his talk “Vision and Learning Problems,” Dr. Davis will discuss how vision deficits impact a child’s ability to learn. He reviews the early childhood causes of vision problems, as well as the large impact these problems have in day-to-day life including academics. 



 Parents Panel Discussion

We have spoken with all the experts but now we want to bring in the mothers and have an honest conversation about the challenges and rewards of teaching a child at home who may have deeper, underlying challenges. 
This panel discussion with mothers of special needs children is more of a candid conversation of mothers who can put a voice to the frustrations and solutions - mom-to-mom 

Dr. Robert Verdile.jpg

Dr. Robert Verdile

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

This presentation focuses on the definition of learning disorders, methods of diagnosis and typical recommendations that emerge from a psychological and psycho-educational evaluation. 

Clare McCullough Headshot.jpeg

Clare McCullough

Occupational Therapist

Did you know your child’s motor skills and sensory processing can impact their academic performance and confidence?  By improving sensory motor skills, you may increase your child’s attention, engagement, confidence and academic performance. Learn how all these factors play together to see what might benefit your child.


Let's Solve this Puzzle Together

Start to understand your child without leaving your home

Don’t waste years and thousands of dollars, going to dozens of doctors and therapists, trying different curricula that only result in frustration because it all fails to address your child’s needs.


Understand the thousand-foot view of Learning Disabilities to gain a clear knowledge of the underlying cause of your child’s struggle.


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