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We Teach You How to Homeschool

Become the hero of your child's education WITHOUT losing your own life.

You will never be alone. One-on-one calls keep you from getting stuck.


Homeschooling through high school? Teaching multiple grades? Learning disabilities? Join the community.

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Don’t let your kids regret their education. Too many homeschool families give up or waste time and money on expensive curriculum that results in frustration, homework battles, and confusion. Don’t miss out on a beautiful childhood with your children that prepares them for a successful future. We will show you how to intentionally design a homeschool lifestyle that works for your family. 

You have what it takes to equip your children for all they need.

Who is Sophia Homeschool for?

The New Homeschooler...

...Who may lack confidence...


Go from feeling inadequate, to confidently homeschooling your children.

Mother and Daughter

The Idealistic Homeschooler...

... Who dreams great things for her children.


We are going to create a dream board for your family so you can be intentional about their academic, social, and spiritual development.

The Overwhelmed Homeschooler...

... who has been homeschooling for years but never quite found center. Life is a series of reactions to crises with little time to enjoy the moment and way too many regrets.

It is not too late to become intentional and create a homeschooling lifestyle that works! Let's make the most out of your homeschool budget, streamline your schedule, take advantage of your community and make the home your most powerful learning tool.

Hide and Seek
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The Burned Out Homeschooler...

...who started strong but can’t quite get motivated anymore.

You will learn how to fill your cup. End the homework battles, and return joy to your child’s education.


Grateful for you! I really don't know how my kids would be doing if it weren't for your training. I learned so much. So many of us are just lost and don't even know where to begin You saved my butt for sure!

Lindsey F.

This course has made me realize the importance of bringing my own strengths and interests to the table and utilizing them to make learning more fun for my kids!


Judith has both a passion for and a wealth of knowledge in homeschooling solutions that she clearly and adroitly conveys to her workshop participants.


Her enthusiasm has reawakened in me that flame and desire to be the best educator for my children that I can be, and her suggestions and resources have given me the tools to help me.

Sarah R.

Taking a chance on yourself and jumping headfirst into a new lifestyle of home education is intimidating, especially if you don't know if you are really up for the task. If you have started to fear that you don't have the ability to do this, I want to put those fears to rest right now. 

I'm a mom like you. I have traveled this road ahead of you. I can show you the way.

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Your transformation awaits you! Go from feeling inadequate to confidently homeschooling.

Contact Me

My commitment to you:

You will never be alone. If you ever get stuck, you can simply set up an appointment with me and I will personally work with you until you reach success.

Thank you for reaching out. Someone will reply shortly.

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