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Media: About Sophia Homeschool

Why Teacher Training? Read our blog or watch the video.

Doctors get training. CEOs get training. Athletes get training. Tradesmen get training. But who teaches any of us to educate our children? (I don’t mean simply teaching them to read. I mean also equipping them with study habits, thinking skills, emotional control, and social graces so they can mature into successful and happy adults.)  


Many parents think they need the professionals to do it all for them because they simply don’t know what exactly they are supposed to be doing. If they did, they would gladly step into the role as the hero of their child’s education. 


That is why I founded Sophia Homeschool -- teacher training for homeschool parents. I'll show you how to get started, how to keep a successful program going, and what to do if you are ever struggling. 


We offer easy-to-follow, step-by-step training to learn absolutely everything you need to build a homeschool lifestyle that works. From how to start, to how to prepare your student for college, create lesson plans, ensure you know how to choose the right curriculum for each student each year —it's all here, and much more.


In our training, I am going to show you how to create a homeschool structure and environment based on your family's needs so you can thrive. You will learn to work with your budget, schedule, learning style, teaching style, and resources so each member of the family has his or her needs met — including yours! You are going to learn to create a peaceful and joyful learning environment that lasts a lifetime. We will learn to identify learning differences and adapt your educational plan accordingly. We will also answer the question about how to teach multiple grades at once. By knowing what your needs are, you will save thousands of dollars, time, and energy on methods that do not work. We will end homework battles and restore your relationship with your child.

Find everything on this page and more are included in our PDF Media Kit.

Tourist Watching Hagia Sophia

The Story Behind our Name: Sophia Homeschool


At an ancient crossroads of civilizations stood a magnificent cathedral. Crowned with a dome rising 180-feet overhead and adorned inside with mosaics and colored marble, it was the seat of worship, learning, and government for nearly one thousand years, and its name means “Holy Wisdom.”

Sophia Homeschool teaches everything you need to create a successful homeschool.

What we do at Sophia Homeschool:

There are a lot of resources available for homeschool parents but not a lot of training.


Through our Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass, consultations, and other training, I show parents how to get started, how to keep a successful program going, and what to do if they are ever struggling. 

We teach parents how to homeschool

Homeschooling should not disrupt your lifestyle but complete it. Learning how to meet everyone’s needs — including your own -- should not be stressful.


Sophia Homeschool is the guide parents want to become the hero of their child’s education — without losing their own life. 

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Who is Sophia Homeschool for?

We serve families considering homeschooling, those new at homeschooling, and veteran homeschoolers who need to reinforce their homeschooling foundation and maybe get back on track if life is a bit as-cue.


The New Homeschooler...

who may lack confidence, I’m going to show you how to overcome self-doubt so you can know that the way you have chosen to homeschool is the right way for your family. 


The Idealistic Homeschooler...

who dreams great things for her children and family life: we are going to create a dream board for your family so you can be intentional about their academic, social, and spiritual development. 


The Overwhelmed Homeschooler...

who has been homeschooling for years but never quite found center. Life is a series of reactions to crises with little time to enjoy the moment and way too many regrets. It is not too late to become intentional and create a homeschooling lifestyle that works! Let’s make the most out of your homeschool budget, streamline your schedule, take advantage of your community and make the home your most powerful learning tool. 


The Burned out Homeschooler...

who started strong but can’t quite get motivated anymore. We are going to learn how to fill your cup. End the homework battles, and return joy to your child’s education. 

Company Details


Date Founded: 2018

Founder: Judith Jolma


303 E. A St


Jenks, Ok 74037


phone: 301-221-1374



Online classroom: 

Social Links:




Inspire, lead, teach!


As a homeschool parent, I have learned that the key to giving my children the best education lies in my ability to inspire them with stories. The same is true for adults. That is why I bring the art and craft of storytelling to my professional coaching and strive to give parents the skills they need to be the best home educators they can be.


I fell in love with the story early in my career as a cub reporter for The Washington Times. Every assignment — whether a weather story to a three-week-long sniper attack — was my opportunity to record the first draft of history. 


Blessed with highly talented mentors, I learned to hone this craft carefully and professionally and apply it in all I did — from writing to public speaking to coaching and home education. 


When I laid down my pen temporarily to welcome children, it was not the end of the book. Only a new chapter. I wanted to unlock the secrets hidden in these tiny and amazing people. So I began to study early childhood development.


Through the Montessori Method and Catechism of the Good Shepherd, I learned not only their stories but how to tell them the greatest story ever told — the song of the God who loves them and became a baby to live our story with us.


My family belongs to an ancient form of Christianity — Melkite Greek-Catholicism. We live the liturgy and protect our culture. And we share our beautiful story through home ministries and education, and through my regular contributions to a children's Byzantine publication. 


But most of all, I strive to inspire, lead and teach others so the story can go on.


You can learn more about my story and professional experience at my LinkedIn page


Pampas Grass

Family: Husband Christopher is a Marketer, video editor, and entrepreneur.

Children: Joseph, Kolbe, Cecilia, and Anna are all homeschooled and they love their dog “Zelda,” a 75-pound bernedoodle



Judith’s Bio: 


  • Wife

  • Homeschooling mother of 4 little people

  • Homeschool Consultant for the Institute for Excellence in Writing 

  • Co-founder Sophia Homeschool

  • Journalist/ writer/ speaker

  • Forming herself for the sake of the little souls she loves

As a homeschool parent, Judith knows that we can’t give what we don’t have. She inspires mothers to become whole for the sake of their children and husband. She is a journalist, entrepreneur, and regular contributor to children’s publications. 

She is a homeschool consultant who was homeschooled k through 12th grade and now homeschools her own four children -- giving her more than 35 years of experience and the advantage of seeing home education through both the child’s perspective and the parent’s. 


Judith is a student of childhood development through the Montessori Method and Catechism of the Good Shepherd. Knowing that successful homeschooling parents are the ones who invest in their own personal development, she founded Sophia Homeschool -- an online classroom that offers teacher training to homeschool parents. 

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Our Products


The Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass: 


Description: Learning how to homeschool should not be stressful. Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. 35-year homeschool veteran Judith Jolma shows you absolutely everything you need to create a successful homeschool lifestyle.

Cost: $97.00

Masterclass Includes:

  • 8.5 hours of video content

  • Bonus training from guest experts in homeschooling children with learning disabilities, public resources, and early childhood development

  • A custom course workbook to record notes and create a homeschool plan that's just right for YOUR family.

  • Our Must-Have, Go-To List of Resources

Course Contents:

  • Welcome to the Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass!

  • Know your Purpose — Discover your mission statement. WHY you homeschool should determine HOW you homeschool. We help you match your homeschool tools to your homeschool mission as we design your homeschool dream board.

  • Know Yourself — Don’t try to teach like someone else. Discover your unique teaching style. This is your home and you are the teacher, so choose a method and materials that inspire you to stay engaged. Your children will love learning if you love teaching. Learn to fill your own cup first.

  • Know Your Child — ​Learn how to observe your child to determine his developmental, academic, emotional, and spiritual needs.  End homework battles by meeting your child's needs and create a custom education designed just for him.

  • Know Your Resources, Part 1 -- Your home, your personal skills and talents, your budget, support network, and educational approach are just a few that we will cover in this two-part class dedicated to identifying and learning to use the resources available to homeschool families.

  • Know your Resources, Part 2 -- We will walk you through the most popular educational methods so you can know the difference between classical, Charlotte Mason, unschooling, and more. We will also help you determine which method is right for you.

  • Synthesize and chart your course -- Now it's time to do some serious thinking about how you're going to pull it all together. It's a little scary at first, but we think you'll quickly find it's fun, too! All the work, observation, reflecting, and synthesis lead to this. And don't worry, you are not alone. We will be by your side the whole way.


Three Pillars of Education:

Description: Scientist turned educator, Maria Montessori, believed that there were three pillars to a strong education: The Child, The Prepared Adult, and The Prepared Environment. Sophia Homeschool presents a pre-recorded series of webinars on these vital pillars of education.


Cost: FREE

Included with the Foundation of Homeschooling Masterclass

Course Contents: 

  • The child -- A teacher is not a teacher without the student. And a parent obviously cannot homeschool without the child. So the child is essential to education. But who is that child learning at your feet? As teachers, it is not enough to know the lessons, schedules, and academic disciplines. We must be students of the child. This 60-minute webinar will explore the symbiotic relationship between teacher and child as we honor the child’s vocation.

  • The Prepared Adult, Part 1 -- Teachers tend to believe that children learn from books and materials. But children learn most intensely from the teacher -- her mannerisms, her patience (or lack thereof), her sense of wonder, etc. The most important work a teacher can do for her student is to prepare herself each day before greeting her students.

  • The Prepared Adult, Part 2 -- In this webinar, we will discuss practical ways to prepare yourself to be an exemplary model of maturity and joy for any child to study. How to manage your mindset, emotions, time, and tonality so you will be pleased to see your children mimic you.

  • The Prepared Environment -- What did Aristotle and Maria Montessori have in common? They both knew that the environment was every bit as important as the lessons. Beauty, peacefulness and order, ease of access, and freedom of movement are just some of the features that create an ideal learning environment. This webinar will offer practical advice on how to set up your learning environment at home to enhance learning. 


The Complete Guide to Homeschooling Children with Learning Disabilities:

Description: In this series, you will learn to recognize the red flags associated with learning disabilities. Learn where to go for help and funding. Get practical tips about what can be done at home to help your child thrive. View your child from a holistic perspective -- body, mind, and soul -- to serve the whole child. 

Cost: $49

Course Contents: Sophia Homeschool brings together a team of experts in this 8-part, pre-recorded webinar series.

  • Educational Therapist -- This presentation will be on special education, the big picture, and holistic approach, that completes what homeschool families are already doing at home with their individualized instruction. The presentation is meant to bring understanding and hope to the daily struggles families encounter.

  • Panel Discussion -- Get professional answers to your questions about when homeschooling is and is not advised for a child with learning disabilities, and what funding options may be available. 

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist -- This presentation focuses on the definition of learning disorders, methods of diagnosis, and typical recommendations that emerge from a psychological and psycho-educational evaluation. 

  • Nutritional Therapy Consultant -- Much can be fixed by nutrition Nutrition is always a piece of EVERY discipline within special education. Every parent struggling with special needs can and should address nutrition in the home along with any specific therapy. 

  • Developmental Optometrist -- In his talk “Vision and Learning Problems,” Dr. Davis will discuss how vision deficits impact a child’s ability to learn. He reviews the early childhood causes of vision problems, as well as the large impact these problems have in day-to-day life including academics. 

  • Occupational Therapy -- Did you know your child’s motor skills and sensory processing can impact their academic performance and confidence?  By improving sensory motor skills, you may increase your child’s attention, engagement, confidence, and academic performance. Learn how all these factors play together to see what might benefit your child.

  • Speech-Language Pathologist -- Elisabeth will be defining the scope of practice of a speech-language pathologist as it relates directly to learning challenges.  She will also be discussing how learning and language are related and what to look for along the educational journey of ‘home-schooling’. In addition, she will review important ‘tricks of the trade’ to assist with optimal learning and successful outcomes for those children who have difficulty with instruction and academics.  

  • Mom-to-Mom Panel Discussion -- We have spoken with all the experts but now we wanted to bring in the mothers and have an honest conversation about the challenges and rewards of teaching a child at home who may have deeper, underlying challenges. This panel discussion with mothers of special needs children is more of a candid conversation of mothers who can put a voice to the frustrations and solutions -- mom-to-mom 


Woman School: A Practical Guide to Wholeness

Description: Sophia Homeschool teamed up with Woman School founder January Donovan because we believe that the primary educator needs to be whole in order to be effective. The Woman School is an online school dedicated to equipping women with practical skills to design a life of meaning and contribution; a life that is whole.

Cost: Referrals only



Description: Homeschooling is a highly personalized endeavor, which means every family has unique questions and challenges. Our support extends well beyond pre-recorded training. You will never be alone. One-on-one calls keep you from getting stuck. Find clarity, peace, and a plan for success. I am just a call away with a friendly answer for your most frustrating homeschool challenge.

Cost: $97 per 1-hour session



Ever the journalist, Judith draws from her experience as a reporter to bring homeschool families the most relevant and timely content in both written and video formats. The Sophia Homeschool blog is packed with tips, research-based content, and commentary aimed at equipping and encouraging homeschool families.



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You will never be alone. If you ever get stuck, you can simply set up an appointment with me and I will personally work with you until you reach success.

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