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"Life Changing!"

A Look at What Sophia Homeschool Parents are Saying

"You have just what people need right now." That is one of the kind things Sophia Homeschool Student Lindsey F. had to say after completing the Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass.

Lindsey began her homeschool journey like so many other families when schools closed during COVID in 2020. She didn't know where to start. But after taking the Masterclass and some one-on-one consultations, she was set up for success! Take a look at what she and other students have said about their "life-changing" experiences.

More from Lindsey:

"Grateful for you! I really don't know how my kids would be doing if it weren't for your training. Your kids are lucky you are theirs! So many of us are just lost and don't even know where to begin. You saved my butt for sure!”

She then wrote to her friends saying:

“Hey to my friends who are thinking about options for this year or have already decided to homeschool but haven't found the right curriculum or are not already locked and loaded:

My (new) friend Judith Jolma of Sophia Homeschool is AMAZING. I'm taking her six-week (12-hour) training course and smack dab in the middle and LOVING it. I told [my husband] after the first day that it had already been weelllll worth the money and commitment."

I love the instant peace Genevieve describes after starting the course:

“I was excited to sit down today and finally take some time to focus on the materials and the first session recording. As someone who is feeling scattered and a little overwhelmed at the prospect of homeschooling, I found your presentation to be logical, straightforward, and even soothing! Whatever we decide to do, I feel like I'm going to have a lot of really valuable takeaways about how to set my children (and myself!) up for success in the coming months with at-home learning. I'm ready to dive in!”

Bridgit grew up being homeschooled and knows the lifestyle well. She attended the live-recorded webinar series "Three Pillars of Education," which I now offered for free and couldn't believe how much she gleaned from it.

"Thank you for the labor of love you do in serving parents in their role as primary educators of their children. What a joy to have such a wonderful online resource! Personally, the most helpful part of the Three Pillars series was the first section on "The Child." Having over an hour on Montessori's 4 Planes of Development provides a wonderful overview for all adults to get an understanding of the goal of helping the child flourish in becoming his own self. I also must speak in appreciation to the "Prepared Adult" section! Wow, it was almost soaking in a mini-spiritual retreat on self-knowledge and our relationship to God's plan for us as adults. Truly inspiring! Thank you again and God Bless your efforts in furthering the Kingdom of God."

Sweet mom of four, Emily, felt completely lost. It was my great joy to work individually with her for several weeks. By the time we completed the Masterclass together, she had gone from feeling inadequate to confident. What a transformation!

"Before I met Judith and was introduced to Sophia Homeschool Foundations Workshop, I was so overwhelmed to the point where I felt like I was suffering from paralysis of the brain. I would watch my boys run around and play all day while I dreamed of having a working routine and order to my day. I cried out to God for help. I knew it was possible, but I didn't know how or where to begin. The Holy Spirit clearly led me to Judith and surprisingly she seemed to understand my situation. I felt so alone in my struggle until I met Judith. She has been my savior with a small "s". Three months ago, I did not believe it was possible for me to have discipline, order, and a working schedule in my home with my 4 boys. Thankfully, with God all things are possible! He has used Judith in a big way in my life to get me on the right path on the road to successfully homeschooling my sons."

Renee's struggle with learning disabilities is a common theme. Honestly, Renee's love for her own children saved the day. It was my pleasure to be along as she became the hero of her children's education. Kudos, Renee!

"When COVID-19 happened, I found myself "trauma schooling," (as I like to call it) all three of my children. The experience pushed me to consider homeschooling next year... but I didn’t know where to start. How can I teach three kids in three different with an IEP? What curriculum should I use? I had questions and needed some answers. Luckily I found Sophia Homeschool's foundation workshop. The sessions have been so valuable in organizing all of my thoughts and helping me define the goals and desires for my children. I also love the community and have benefited from connecting with other moms and dads going through the course. I highly recommend Sophia Homeschool's foundation workshop as a starting point if you are considering homeschooling. It has given me the confidence to know I can give my kids a great education in my own home."

In my opinion, Sara is a rock star! She knew her homeschool experience was not all it could be. Instead of giving up, she chose to work on her skills. What a transformation!

"The Foundations Workshop has challenged my methods and approach to homeschool, my children. I have been homeschooling my daughters for four years but felt that we needed a reboot. This course has made me delve so much deeper into what I want and expect out of homeschooling. For example, I'd never thought about taking my own learning styles into consideration when planning a curriculum for my children. This course has made me realize the importance of bringing my own strengths and interests to the table and using them to make learning more fun for my kids! Judith has both a passion for and a wealth of knowledge in homeschooling solutions that she clearly and adroitly conveys to her workshop participants. Her enthusiasm has reawakened in me that flame and desire to be the best educator for my children that I can be, and her suggestions and resources have given me the tools to help me."

To all the homeschool moms out there, keep up the good work! Don't try to do this alone. Homeschooling is just like any other craft, with the right training you can have unimaginable success.


By Judith Jolma, Founder of Sophia Homeschool.

Sophia Homeschool teaches parents how to homeschool. Learn more about our training at

Learn how to create a homeschool method and environment based on your family's needs so you can thrive. My Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass teaches parents to work with their budget, schedule, learning style, teaching style, and resources so each member of the family has his or her needs met— including yours! Learn to create a peaceful and joyful learning environment that lasts a lifetime. Identify learning differences and adapt your educational plan accordingly. Unlock the mysteries of teaching multiple grades at once. By knowing what your needs are, you will save thousands of dollars, time, and energy on methods that do not work. We will end homework battles and restore your relationship with your child.

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