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I believe all parents want the very best for their children and they want to give them the very best education possible. But they feel a deep sense of inadequacy about taking control of their children’s education because they do not know what “a good education” actually looks like when managed in the home. 


That is why I founded Sophia Homeschool -- teacher training for homeschool parents.


I'll show you how to get started, how to keep a successful program going, and what to do if you are ever struggling. 

Education shouldn’t cause a child to hate learning. And homeschooling shouldn’t rob you of your life. The home should not be stressful. Education should not rob children of their childhood or a parent of their children.


You have everything you need to be the hero of your child's education. You just need a guide.

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My name is Judith Jolma and I have been in the homeschool world for more than 35 years. That is because I grew up being homeschooled and now I homeschool my own four children. This means that when I talk about homeschooling, I am speaking from both the parent’s perspective AND the child’s perspective.


I am a journalist — having cut my teeth in the newsroom at the Washington Times — I’m a public speaker, entrepreneur, and life coach. But, of course, my heart lies in homeschooling my own family and showing other families how to be successful home educators, too. Not only am I a homeschool consultant with Sophia Homeschool but have also served in this capacity for the Institute for Excellence in Writing.


Despite life’s twists and turns, such as seasons when I’ve had to work full time, or not having funds for the best curriculum or the music lessons, etc. because we know how to adapt and which tools to use in which situation, we have been able to eliminate homework battles and fuel academic excellence all while meeting the needs of each member of the family — including my own! 


We have intentionally built a family culture of mutual respect, encouragement, curiosity, and perseverance. Basically, my relationship with my children is built on a mutual love for learning. But to get here is not some kind of magic or unusual talent. I’m no superhero. 


I’m a mom like you. I have traveled this road ahead of you, I can show you the way.


Meet Judith

I’m a mom like you. I have traveled this road ahead of you, I can show you the way.

303 E. A St


Jenks, Ok 74037

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Contact Me

My commitment to you:

You will never be alone. If you ever get stuck, you can simply set up an appointment with me and I will personally work with you until you reach success.

Thank you for reaching out. Someone reply shortly.

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